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Park the car

Jaguar cub Maderas attacking mom, Nindiri, summer 2012.
By Darrell Ybarrondo


The face of satisfaction. [x]


I blame you too.

the best hiding spots usually don’t have holes in them, cat.

If only she knew..

She doesn’t seem to understand how hard it is. She’s never here yet she wonders why I treat her this way, I simply tell her that the way you treat others is the way you yourself shall be treated. She doesn’t realise how much I’m going through, how alone I am, how all I want is for someone to show me they love me but all she does is yell at me and tell me everything I do wrong. She tells me to say something nice but I can’t see any good right now. If only she could understand how much I am struggling, then maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t be so difficult..

Unhappiness is so last year

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He’s the one

That one person that makes your heart skip a beat, the biggest smile appear on your face and that warm fuzzy feeling fulfill your insides, is a person that is worth fighting for and keeping when they are yours <3